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This is me… I’m Bec… 


This is me and my coffee…


This is me and my girls…. The reason I rarely finish my coffee while it is still warm. These two are the inspiration behind the name of my business… my zesty little ladies who keep me on my toes and who love a selfie session with their Mummy. 




Why me?


For the past 15 years I have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of couples at some of Melbournes well known (and lesser known!) venues and locations. Beach weddings, Yarra Valley,  Dandenong Ranges, inner city, Gippsland, hot days, cold days, rain, hail and shine, nighttime weddings, lunchtime weddings, morning weddings and everything in between.  You name it, I have lived it on a wedding day. So experience wise I’m covered! I can help the boys pin the flower on and pin the veil back in if the wind blows it around too much… I capture the laughter and the tears that naturally occur and guide and direct you through your portraits so you feel comfortable and at ease. Placing you in the best light with the most flattering position and prompt you to get a natural reaction ensuring I capture you both naturally…. but without the double chins! With me on board your day will run smoothly and you will enjoy all the moments…. easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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