Business Name: Lemon & Lime Photography

Plan Completed By: Rebecca Hughes    

Date reviewed: Sunday 18th of October 2020


From Midnight on Sunday 18th of October 2020 the following will apply:


Record Keeping:

All photoshoot participants are required to supply full name and contact information prior to the commencement of the photography session.


Physical Distancing:

Both Photographer and the client are to remain 1.5m apart at all times. 


Face Masks:

A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times. 

Subjects over the age of 12 must wear a mask to their session. They may remove their face mask for the purpose of a photograph being taken but must resume wearing their mask once completed. 


Practice Good Hygiene:

Hands and camera gear will be washed and sterilised prior to every session and where possible, during the session. 

Props and costumes will not be supplied by the photographer at this time. 

Hand sanitiser will be present and available for all clients during the session. 



Avoid Interaction in Enclosed Spaces:

Under current restrictions, indoor photography is prohibited. 

Outdoor photography is permitted only. 

Wedding client meeting usually conducted Face to Face will now be conducted via zoom or phone.