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Business Name: Lemon & Lime Photography

Plan Completed By: Rebecca Hughes    

Date reviewed: Sunday 9th of January 2022

Record Keeping:

Portrait clients:

All photoshoot participants are required to supply full name and contact information prior to the commencement of the photography session.

Wedding clients: 

Couples are required to supply their personal contact information to the photographer. However, it is the couples responsibility to have and be able to provide when/if required the contact information for all their guests. 

Physical Distancing:

Both Photographer and the client are to remain 1.5m apart at all times. 


Face Masks:

A face mask will be worn by the photographer indoors at all times. 

Masks are not required by the clients during their photo session. 


Practice Good Hygiene:

Every care will be taken by the photographer to practice hand sanitation and physical distancing at all times... during and between sessions. 

Camera gear will be washed and sterilised prior to every session and where possible, during the session. 

Props and costumes will not be supplied by the photographer at this time. 

Hand sanitiser will be present and available for all clients during the session. 

Avoid Interaction in Enclosed Spaces:

Wedding client meeting usually conducted Face to Face will now be conducted via zoom or phone. 

Where possible, the photo session will be held outdoors and with social distancing rules between the photographer and client enforced

RAT Testing:

Weekly RAT test are being conducted by the photographer prior to the weekend, particularly before a wedding. Regardless of the result, the photographer will not attend and will provide a replacement if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if required to isolate due to close contact exposure.


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